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Life Insurance

Proudly providing life insurance to Rochester, New York clients for over 20 years.

Protect your loved ones in the event of your premature death

Life insurance is one of those things that many people don't want to think about. However, deciding to protect your loved ones with the right amount of coverage is one of the most responsible things you can do for them. Life insurance can provide the financial security that they will need during a very difficult time in their lives.

The policy that you leave for them can cover such things as paying funeral expenses, paying for your children's college education, paying off your mortgage as well as taking care of other debts that your spouse or other family members may be left with. A well-planned life insurance policy can help your family members maintain their standard of living after your death.
How much coverage should I purchase?
Most insurance companies recommend that your total life insurance coverage should equal five to eight times your annual income. Many people use a combination of the types of life insurance to meet changing needs over the course of a lifetime.

Call us today at 585.248.3810 or toll free 877.427.3302. We'll help you select the best policy to your family's needs. 

We've been writing insurance policies for families for several years. We can go over your options in detail to help you get the best coverage for your family. This will allow you to spend your time focusing on the things that are important in your life, knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of shouuld something happen to you.
Types of Life Insurance
There are several types of life insurance structures designed for various family circumstances. We can help you select the right policy for your specific needs.

As your family situation changes throughout your life, your needs will change, so it is important to periodically review your coverages to ensure they still meet your and your family's needs. 

  • Term Life is one of the simplest, most cost-effective types of life insurance. Term Life policies provide the largest immediate amount of protection for the lowest cost.

    With Term Life, your beneficiaries are paid the entire amount of your policy (subject to your policy's provisions) if you die during the term.

    People who purchase Term Life generally have a substantial need for insurance protection during a specific period of time. They may be young and have growing families, and need temporary protection now with the option to convert to permanent coverage when their family circumstances change.

  • Whole Life insurance combines life insurance protection with the advantages of tax-deferred cash accumulation.

    In addition to providing a death benefit, a Whole Life policy guarantees that your premiums will remain level throughout the life of the policy.  People who purchase Whole Life generally want to ensure that when they die, money will be available to pay final expenses, fund college costs, pay estate taxes, care for an elderly parent, or simply allow loved ones to maintain their lifestyles.

  • Universal Life insurance combines life insurance protection with the advantages of policy flexibility and tax-deferred cash accumulation.

    The difference between Universal Life and other forms of permanent coverage is the flexibility it offers. Within certain limits, policy owners can increase or decrease their death benefit according to their changing needs without having to purchase a new policy. Likewise, owners can increase, decrease, or cease paying premiums altogether once the policy has sufficient cash value.

    Like people who buy Whole Life insurance, people who purchase Universal Life generally want to ensure that money will be available to pay final expenses, help fund college costs, pay estate taxes, care for an elderly parent, or simply allow loved ones to maintain their lifestyle.

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